Tokiwadai Residential City Story – 3


Itabashi Ward and Tokyo Metropolitan Government reviewed and revised the specifications of the City Planning Act, in Itabashi-ku, in 2015. The stricter regulations were put in place for the Tokiwadai 1- and 2-chome area, or the Tokiwadai Residential City, developed by Tobu Railway and its periphery. The intention was to preserve the better residential environment of Tokiwadai, particulary to prevent severe land fragmentation.

The minimum site area of 100 ㎡ is estimated to be the severest in Tokyo Metropolitan area as general restrictions under the City Planning Act and the related Building Standards Law, except restrictions imposed under district planning for specific areas.

The followings are the notable restrictions.

Minimum site area for buildings in the 1- and 2-chome Tokiwadai

100㎡ (119.60 sq yd) for category Ⅰ exclusive low building residential zone
80 ㎡ (95.68 sq yd) for category Ⅰ exclusive high and medium building residential zone

Maximum height of buildings in the 1- and 2-chome Tokiwadai

35 m (38.29 yd) for commercial zone (in front of Tokiwadai Station)

The following two chapters are the research papers produced based on the draft or preliminary plan proposed by Itabashi Ward for collecting public comments.

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